BreatheBoca - CycleYogaBodysculpt

Who are you going to be today?

BREATHE- [breeth] verb, def. -to live; exist. Inhale & exhale. take rest; to pause

"Follow what you love and it will take you where you want to go..." These words were replaying themselves to Angela Lutin daily. With a 15 year career in the financial industry, she had established herself successfully in her field, however, her work did not make her heart sing. She didn’t BREATHE. Contrarily, she just held (and held and held) her breath. Until one day when she saw the value of learning to BREATHE; learning to live.

Inspired by the idea that everyone needs a refuge where they can inhale the intention & exhale the expectations of life, the BREATHE vision of fitness for body & soul was born. Angela knew it was her responsibility to bring this vision to fruition.

Knowing that Boca was in need of a fitness facility that not only provided a great workout but also touched people’s souls and fueled their spirit, she set out on a mission of creating a beautiful environment with outstanding customer service where each class would be transformed into a special experience every time. A year later, this "labor of love," BREATHE CycleYogaBodysculpt, the first under the BREATHE body & soul wellness concept, opens in Boca Raton.

Truly believing that the best in EACH of us inspires ALL of us, the entire team at BREATHE is committed to uncovering the human potential, both physically and spiritually, of every individual that we are fortunate enough to encounter along this path.

The sanctuary at BREATHE is a unique place for all who have the desire to "BE the CHANGE" in their own life.