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Hooked on Cycling

  • October 13, 2010
  • by Staff Member, Meredith Steben
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We sat down with BREATHE's founder and instructor Angela Lutin to find out her take on Cycling.

When did you first start cycling?
I started taking indoor cycling classes after my son was born over 10 years ago. I turned to road biking about 5 years ago to cross training with running.

Originally how many times a week did you cycle?
I was hooked from the beginning! 3-4 times a week

How many times a week do you cycle now?
Everyday! I teach 2-3 cycle classes a day but I often teach off the bike.

In your opinion, what is the most appealing part of indoor cycling?
I love music. The feeling of riding with a group all focused together in time with the thump of the music is incredible. Sometimes when I'm teaching, I stand up on my bike and just watch my class in amazement. For one hour, they are in complete bliss in tune with the music and the ride. When the energy is flowing, those are magic moments in the cycle room.

Before indoor cycling, what form of exercise was on the top of your list?
I was a runner...but not a very fast one! I ran all my life and ran some road races as an adult. I have marathoned before, but I prefer shorter distances.

Why did you decide to open a cycling/yoga/fitness studio?
One particularly insightful day, the idea just opened up for me. I saw that this was the time and I was the one to take on the challenge of providing a dedicated cycle facility that was unlike any other in the area. I knew that there must be a more streamlined approach to getting into indoor cycle classes that would eliminate the waiting lines & race for the "best" bike. I began working with a fantastic web team that created the vision of having an interactive bike map that would allow participants to reserve classes & bikes from their laptop, just as you would reserve an airline seat. Time is valuable; time not standing in lines means more time to be happy. And, who doesn't want more happy time?

Once I knew this could be accomplished, I set out to find the most outstanding space and together with my contractor, we created a finished product with the first BREATHE studio that I am unbelievably proud of.

The practice of yoga has really helped me find center. There isn't anyone I meet who I don't feel can benefit from some type of yoga practice. I truly believe, I didn't choose this path, but rather it chose me. I have a responsibility to help others every way I can and right now, that means opening BREATHE as a sanctuary for others to find their center. Whether that peaceful place is in the middle of a killer cycle class, during meditation and yoga practice, or even throwing punches in boxing class, I want them to be able to find it at BREATHE. I encourage students to, as Ghandi so beautifully said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

What would you say to someone who has never tried cycling but is considering getting into it?
Why not? I tell everyone, including myself, to be open to everything. Life finds a way to present us with what we need, which is often most different that what we think we need. I've seen amazing transformations in bodies and spirits in the cycling room. Over the years, I ran and biked solo. It's nice to do your own thing every now and then but that feeling of riding together with collective energy becomes addictive. Plus, there are some amazing people to meet in an indoor cycle class. I met one of my closest friends, Lisa, in cycle class!

For clients coming to BREATHE, how will classes differ from anything they have ever experienced?
I think the biggest difference clients will see is that this is not a big box gym that has classes added as an afterthought. We are a studio that specializes in our classes. Our instructors are professionals. This means that every class is an event. Each instructor on the BREATHE staff is dedicated to creating a class that is exceptional every time. As a group, the team is constantly evaluating each other constructively, giving feedback, and always helping each other become better instructors. The management team and customer service staff are incredibly dedicated to making sure every detail has been taken care of, every need met.

But most importantly, we have fun! This is a great place to work and a great place to workout. We want to know who YOU are. Not just your name, but who you REALLY are and who you want to be. We want to help you reach goals, create change, remove blocks. Nothing makes this team more fulfilled than to see our clients become powerful. Powerful in mind; powerful in body. And if all this fulfillment creates lots of smiles and a little dancing, well, that's ok too.

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