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Starting to BREATHE

  • October 10, 2010
  • by Angela Lutin
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Do you hear that? It is all the excitement we are feeling as the studio is set to open October 24th! We have been working hard getting the best classes prepared for you. The hum of the bikes, the thump of the music, the encouragement of the instructor, and the adrenaline you feel after a great workout.

BREATHE a little easier, the studio is almost open and we here at Breathe could not be more thrilled. An amazing body and soul experience is only a few weeks a way. We thought this is the perfect time to announce our BREATHE Blog. A collaboration of everything we love that helps get us through the day. From music and interviews to snacks, recipes and restaurants, an introduction to some of our favorite things at the moment. So when you are not cycling, sculpting or meditating, check us out!

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